On Thu, 2013-02-07 at 09:44 -0800, Richard Gitschlag wrote:

> There are not many applications where the undo history is considered a
> tangible part of the current document/project being worked on.

No, although I've encountered it. Most programs are indeed lossy in this

> (On the same note, GIMP is the only application I know of where even
> the selection is considered a tangible part of the current document
> either.

I've used others, although I think not recently - ranging from CAD
software to SGML editors, although none were below $1000/seat.

I can easily spend 10 or 20 minutes working on a selection in GIMP,
though, so I'm OK with that warning. Or would be, except I only use xcf
for about 1% of the images I edit, and all the others are saved (they
have only one layer) to PNG.


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