On 10.02.2013 03:52, Richard Gitschlag wrote:

> Ideally you should have been using "Save a Copy" for this scenario but
> apparently nobody ever wanted to do that (and the command is basically
> redundant in 2.8 anyway).

No. See:

- work on a image, save: a.xcf

-> you are working on a.xcf

- continue to work on it, save as: b.xcf

-> you're now working on b.xcf

- continue to work on it, save a copy: c.xcf

-> you continue to work on b.xcf

Save a Copy may become less important if and when GIMP is able to keep
track of the whole undo history in a XCF file (or a new file format).
Nut even then it might be faster to save a specific state as a copy or
to save as and continue working from that state in a new file.

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