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> >> - Libreoffice : the same
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> > This is a selective functionality comparison on your part based upon a 
> > specific file format(s) or lack of knowledge of the actual product you are 
> > comparing.
> >For example, Libreoffice has PDF as an EXPORT option, NOT an option under 
> >the "save/Save as" menu item.
> My LibreOffice Draw  Debian Wheezy
> I have a "save" option
> and "save as" options for the formats otg odg sxd std fodg
> and I can export as pdf, gif,jpeg and many other image file formats
> http://www.libreoffice.org/features/draw/
> https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Documentation/Publications#LibreOffice_Draw_Guide

Though I was actually thinking of Write, the concepts are exactly the same.  
How is the above functionality any different from GIMP?  You open a file of 
some type in GIMP and GIMP creates it as a new .xcf file.   It expects that you 
to save in that format to maintain GIMP features.   Likewise, when you open ad 
file in Draw(such as .jpg), Draw creates new .odg file and expects you to save 
in that format to maintain Draw features.  When you "save" it back out, it 
expects you to go to the Export menu instead of the Save menu.   Again, how is 
that different from what GIMP is now enforcing, with the exception of Draw 
supporting a few additional save formats?   

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