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Why complicate things ? This is a false problem. Any editor
(gimp,libreoffice, krita, etc..) user must (learn to) save his work and
should not rely on automation that slows work.
Gimp should follow the standards available in all editors.

Every time someone starts discussing it, you come up with this
incorrect information.

Hi Alexandre
You're wrong. Please, try the softwares....

I suggest that you actually go and try them yourself.

- Scribus-1.4 : the same

Wrong. Scribus is built around its own file format and isn't suited
for editing PDF which is its primary target file format. You don't
open and save a PDF back in Scribus.
file => open recent   =>
open document.sla
save document .sla
save as document-2.sla
export document.sla =>
save as image, pdf, etc....
With scribus you can only work with .sla

- Ardour : the same

Wrong. Ardour is built around the concept of sessions. It can mix
audio and MIDI files, but it doesn't open them to edit and save back.
You can "save" or "save as" session  without any complication

The same goes for pretty much every nonlinear video editor: you don't
open and save stuff back, you export it. Saving works only for an
internal file format.

Before I wrote my last message, I tested sofwares because I never talk about what I do not know.
Remind :
My conditions test : Debian Wheezy system
Everybody can test now these editors.
- Krita: I open any file. I can choose "save" or "save as" without any complicated menu or any distinction about "native" file. This is the standard.
- Libreoffice : the same
- Scribus-1.4 : the same
- Geany :  the same
- Ardour : the same
- Showfoto (digikam editor) : the same
And many all/other editors image or text editor EXCEPT Gimp
I post my views here to improve things and not mindlessly bashing.
Gimp is great even though it has some flaws that could be corrected.
"Art is meant to disturb. Science reassures."
"L'art est fait pour troubler. La science rassure" (Georges Braque)

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