On Mon, Feb 11, 2013 at 7:39 PM, maderios wrote:

>>> file => open recent   =>
>>> open document.sla
>>> save document .sla
>>> save as document-2.sla
>>> export document.sla =>
>>> save as image, pdf, etc....
>>> With scribus you can only work with .sla
>> And that proves your point exactly how? :)
> It just shows that scribus menus respect the "standard" : easy to use and
> not complicated and confused like in Gimp.

It's rather difficult to respect something that doesn't exist.

> Unlike scribus, you can edit all kinds of picture files with Gimp.

So now all of a sudden Scribus and GIMP aren't really alike? :) I can
hear your logic cracking from miles and miles away :)

Let's see:

"- Krita: I open any file. I can choose "save" or "save as" without
any complicated menu or any distinction about "native" file. This is
the standard.
- Scribus-1.4 : the same
- Ardour : the same"

Those were your words, verbatim.

Now, I want you to do the following thing.

I want you to start Scribus, open a PDF file via File/Open, edit it
and save back via File/Save.

I want you to start Ardour, open a WAV or MIDI file via File/Open
(except it's Open Session, but hey), edit it and save back via
File/Save (again, Save Session, but that shouldn't stop you).

I want you to start Kdenlive, open an MP4 or AVI file via File/Open,
edit it and save via File/Save.

That will be your proof that these applications do not make
distinction between native and non-native file formats.

When you will be capable of doing that (which is never), we will talk
about standards. Until then please let's not have this kindergarden.

>>>> Wrong. Ardour is built around the concept of sessions. It can mix
>>>> audio and MIDI files, but it doesn't open them to edit and save back.
>>> You can "save" or "save as" session  without any complication
>> Oh dear. Oh deary, deary me. You never actually used Ardour, did you?
>> You just opened it for the first time in your life and didn't go
>> beyond the File menu. That explains a lot.
> you can "save as" under an other name, it's very important

My dear maderios, "Save As" saves a _snapshot_. Ardour doesn't even
provide the typical saving dialog where you can choose a new file
name, It just asks for a new snapshot name. Anybody who used Ardour
more than 5 minutes knows that. Anybody who used Ardour more than 5
minutes understands the difference between a session and a snapshot.
Insistence is a fine thing, but it's clearly misplaced in your case.
Could we please move to discussing something interesting that actually

Alexandre Prokoudine
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