On Mon, Feb 11, 2013 at 5:39 PM, maderios wrote:

>>> - Scribus-1.4 : the same
>> Wrong. Scribus is built around its own file format and isn't suited
>> for editing PDF which is its primary target file format. You don't
>> open and save a PDF back in Scribus.
> file => open recent   =>
> open document.sla
> save document .sla
> save as document-2.sla
> export document.sla =>
> save as image, pdf, etc....
> With scribus you can only work with .sla

And that proves your point exactly how? :)

>> Wrong. Ardour is built around the concept of sessions. It can mix
>> audio and MIDI files, but it doesn't open them to edit and save back.
> You can "save" or "save as" session  without any complication

Oh dear. Oh deary, deary me. You never actually used Ardour, did you?
You just opened it for the first time in your life and didn't go
beyond the File menu. That explains a lot.

First of all, a session in Ardour equals to XCF in GIMP. So when you
say that you can "save" and "save as" a session in Ardour, you are
basically supporting my point that Ardour behaves like GIMP 2.8, with
save and export decoupled.

Secondly, "save as" in Ardour is a very special thing that works
unlike anything out there. It doesn't "save as" like other apps, into
a new file that you specify. Instead it's kinda more like saving a

>> The same goes for pretty much every nonlinear video editor: you don't
>> open and save stuff back, you export it. Saving works only for an
>> internal file format.
> Before I wrote my last message, I tested sofwares because I never talk about
> what I do not know.

You've just proved that you didn't :)

Alexandre Prokoudine
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