On 08/13/2013 07:14 PM, Akkana Peck wrote:
Oon-Ee Ng writes:
Thousands? In all the time I've followed this list I've seen maybe a
dozen threads. I believe all of them have your replies in there.
Trying to count the number of complainants, I estimate probably one or
two dozen as well.

In case people are curious: I've been saving posts on this topic
since the beginning. Initially I was curious how the weight of
opinion would balance out, and once I got started I just kept saving
them. My count isn't exact: I didn't save messages I judged to be
"too far off topic" (like the recent Excel discussion), but that's
an opinion call; and my archive also includes email and blog
comments I've received regarding my save-export-clean plug-in,
so it has a few messages that haven't appeared on these lists.

The current count is 1414, not including this message.

I never tried to classify individual messages as for or against the
change, so I have no counts for that.


Hi Akkana
Thanks for your "save-export-clean" plug-in which is very useful. That's all I can say....

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