On 08/10/2013 06:54 PM, John Meyer wrote:
On 8/10/2013 10:50 AM, maderios wrote:
On 08/09/2013 03:07 PM, s.kortenweg wrote:
When i started 50 years ago in the early days of IT as prof was me told
that there are 2 rules for program developers  : first keep it simple
and second the user must be happy with the results of your work.
In the endless discussion of export vs. Save i believe that the second
rule is violated.
The Gimp developers  approach  is unfortunately very "closed". They do
not care about the users and they believe they have the truth.... But
a developer is mainly a developer, not a professional image editing.
You can compare with other software development, like  new
Enlightenment (E17 and E18).
It's completely different. The developers and  the main developer
(Rasterman) listen to users reviews and they use these criticisms to
improve the program.


if they're so good, go and use them, then.  Or take a few classes on
programming and fork the code, as I suggested earlier.
Seriously, nothing's wrong with criticism of a feature you like or don't
like as a user as long as:

1.  You explain that as a user
2.  You realize that you may be in the minority there.
I use Enlightenment everyday, I try to help developers if I can, modestly.... Minority ? Thousands of posts on this list about the problem save export Gimp-2.8, it does not matter of course .... The developers seem to live in a sealed box, ignoring the image editing reality, ignoring the fact that the new "save export" breaks the rhythm of work.....


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