On 01/08/2014 11:51 AM, Helen wrote:
>> This feature imposes no hardship on any user and occasionally
> prevents lost work.
> This is so obviously wrong that I wonder whether different gimp
> users are  experiencing the
> same behavior.  If this were a matter of receiving an unnecessary
> warning, then I would agree that
> the passion is misplaced.  This is not about whether or not one
> wants to see a warning.
> Several gimp users (including me) have said that the problem is that
> the file disappears.  It is gone.
> It is no longer on the screen.  I don't know  how to say this more
> clearly. I am not a casual gimp user.  I use the advanced features. 
> The disappearance of the file is what is causing the problem, not
> the (useful or unuseful) warning.

Hey Helen,

THAT sounds like a "bug" in the software to me.  I never saw
anything like it, in any GIMP version on any operating system.  This
is definitely not what the "save vs. export" (non)issue is about,
it's something else entirely.

Right now I don't have the time to dig into the problem at all, but
if you can get the GIMP to do this "bad thing" on demand, it has the
makings of a formal bug report.



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