On 01/15/2014 12:47 AM, Bob Long wrote:
Sorry, I don't follow... Why can't you simply open a .png file in GIMP 2.8 that was created earlier (and then close it, without any prompts, if you've made no changes)?

It's simple, really. GiMP has an image problem. Like so many other F/OSS projects, people out there think of it as a toy because it doesn't cost a whole lot of money and doesn't have a giant name behind it. (You know, like Cisco or VMware -- both of which base their products on Linux, a F/OSS "toy".) So in order to fight that perception, the project must adopt a philosophy that every action done with GiMP is a "project" and that the [professional] user's data must be guarded against the user's own mistakes at every possible moment.

GiMP is not an "image viewer." GiMP is not a simple image manipulation program. It is a serious project tool which must have a workflow which reflects that. Otherwise people will not take it or its contributors seriously. This is about ego, not about simplicity or convenience or efficiency.
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