It is hard to tell, but this sounds like a work flow issue. 


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> And, Liam, I believe this is what you're asking.  In 2.8, I save every few
> minutes with File > Save.  I see a brief less than a second progress bar
> but nothing changes.  All is well.  At some point later, the picture is
> (more or less, sort of) finished,
> and I want to send it somewhere.   I go through four steps:  File > Save
> (just to be sure) and then File > export.  I confirm,
> a longer (10 seconds?) progress bar, and then the image is gone.  No
> there.  Yes, I can still open it with Digikam  or
> Gimp's  File > Open Recent, or with Gimp's document history, and maybe I
> need to just accept that.
> My old ubuntu laptop with 2.6 is very old and not suitable for real work,
> and I think that my SuSE 12 probably would not support the 2.6 gtk

this sounds as if you want to open the PNG or JPG file.  If your open image 
window in Gimp has a button at the lower right that says: “GIMP XCF image 
(*.xcf)” then that file wont be listed. You could set the button to “All 
But if I went into my studio to paint a canvas (painting.xcf) and later took a 
polaroid of my progress (Export > painting.png) I would not continue my work by 
painting on the polaroid.
But maybe I misunderstand and you have a bug in your GIMP or gtk.

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