Hi Helen.

Helen (etter...@gmail.com) wrote:
> I still have GIMP 2.6 on a very old Think-Pad laptop
> running ubuntu.
> I can not only see the file after I "save as" but I can also edit it.
> Here is a screenshot.   I opened gimp >create new > made one blend stroke,
> then Saved As jpg.
> I do see the file.

Please try the following with your Gimp 2.6:

- create a new image with white background

- do a black stroke with a hard edged brush

- do a pure red stroke with a hard edged brush

- Start the save as JPEG process to a new file

- in the jpeg options dialog choose the "show preview"

- now really crank down the quality to an extreme low (single digit

- You'll see artefacts appearing in the image window due to the lossy
  jpeg compression.

- Save the image

When you're done with saving, the artefacts disappear again, because
gimp retained the original state of the image. It does not lose the
original data when saving to JPEG.

What you are seeing after completing the save-to-jpeg in gimp 2.6 is
*not* the content of the jpeg file. It is the content that in the image
before you saved it to a jpeg.

You can easily verify this: Open the file you just saved again and you
will see the artefacts, because they are part of the actual jpeg file on
the harddrive. This is obviously not the same image you've been seeing
after "saving" to a jpeg.

I hope this clears up some of the confusion.


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