Helen said,

>> 5 - You are done!  There is no need to re-open the PNG file.

> Well, this may or may not be true.   When, six months or a year later I
> want to look at a .png (check the resolution, see whether it
> needs to be sharpened/signed/whatever) then I do, sometimes want to look at
> (and maybe adjust in some way) a  png image.   I've
> been spoiled with the ability to do that in 2.6 (open -- see that it's what
> I want--close) but I'm just going to have to get used to another
> way.

Sorry, I don't follow... Why can't you simply open a .png file in GIMP
2.8 that was created earlier (and then close it, without any prompts, if
you've made no changes)?

Bob Long

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