Hello all,

I'm not sure I understand the problem described here, but it sounds
like the GIMP is creating handles on new nodes on Bezier curves
where no handles are desired, causing visible errors when the path
is stroked.  I make and stroke Beziers fairly often but have not
seen the problem described.

The problem could be a result of drawing curves with too many nodes:
 When drawing with Bezier curves, I consider a node without handles
a redundant node.  When turning sharp corners, I zoom in and place
the corner node's handles on the lines leading away from the vertex.

The errors I see when stroking paths usually happen when paths turn
sharp corners; this is fixable by adjusting the mitre limit in the
stroke style dialog.  I have had to tweak this fairly often when
stroking the perimeter of vectorized text elements.  It may be
possible to use this adjustment to remove unwanted kinks when
stroking paths where nodes have 'unintended' handles.



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