El vie, 19-02-2016 a las 18:56 -0500, Rick Strong escribió:
> "Inkscape", another free program, was recommended to me for vector
> work.
> Check it out.
> Rick

I agree with Rick. Although this issue needs to be taken care of, GIMP
doesn't seem the most appropriate tool for the work you're doing.
As long as GIMP doesn't have a vector layer feature, the strokes
produced with this technique will be always resolution-dependent, which
is not really useful for what you're doing (i.e. if your source image
is low resolution, your strokes will be low-res too, and you won't be
able to scale them up keeping detail and smoothness).

Use inkscape instead, it will work better and you'll keep the
editability of the strokes all the time.

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