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        Can anyone tell me an easy way to edit a movie frame by frame in
gimp? This would be useful in rotoscoping (like in the creation of
light saber effects). I don't have ready access to the internet, so a
e-mail answer would be nice.

Timothy Baldridge

There is a version of Gimp that the Hollywood types have taken under their wing and modified specifically for motion picture use. It is a big league tool AFAIK. Perhaps someone else on-list knows more of the details.

All I can say is that this application (now called cine-paint) is
based on film-gimp which was forked from GIMP around version
1.0. GIMP-1.0 is a piece of code from the stone age. Lacking an
overall design concept, this code is full of bugs, depends on
unmaintained and outdated libraries and lacks any features that have
been introduced to The GIMP during the last five years. In my opinion
it is a shame that some good hackers are wasting their time on this

GIMP 1.0?
And I thought, when I ran it, that the lack of options was caused by them not updating all the GIMP features to the new image models.

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