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> What bothered you and other GIMP developers so much about Film Gimp
> that in 2000 you unexpectedly discarded three man-years of your own
> work funded at substantial expense by the motion picture industry?
> In 1998 Film Gimp was an official development branch of GIMP CVS,
> much like GEGL is today. Some expected Film Gimp to become GIMP 2.0
> in 2000. Three man-years of funded development (that was not
> incorporated into GIMP) went into Film Gimp before GIMP ceased work
> on it in 2000. Programmers who helped build and then kill Film Gimp
> are leading GIMP/GEGL today. I didn't become involved in Film Gimp
> until 2002.
> There's no discussion in the GIMP mailing list archives regarding
> the reasons leading up to that big decision in 2000, in fact, very
> little public discussion of any kind regarding Film Gimp that I can
> find. Why is that?

Because this decision did never happen. At least I don't remember that
at anytime anyone ever discussed this topic. The filmgimp code slowly
diverged from the main GIMP source code, mainly because the GIMP
source code kept improving. Noone ever brought up the question if the
code should be merged or even outlined a way how this could be done.
Don't ask me why this didn't happen, but please don't claim that there
was a decision made to discard that code.

Similarily there wasn't any discussion about a code merge when the
code was picked up again by you last year. That would have been a good
chance to finally merge the filmgimp improvements into GIMP proper.
But for whatever reason this discussion also never took place.

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