> [EMAIL PROTECTED] (2003-11-13 at 1715.33 +0100):
> > That's not even a GIMP feature but implemented on the GTK+ level
> > (except some parts like saving the changed keybindings across
> > sessions). Apart from that it's a lousy hack, it's disabled by
> > default, very unintuitive and should be replaced by a menu editor
> > better sooner than later. So, IMO, you better don't show it.
> Some people that use it intensively do it to have very quick access
> and reconfiguration, for example assign some F# keys to some Filters
> that are going to be used a lot in a row, but probably not in next
> work session or image.

I am fully aware of this since I use this feature myself. The menu
editor I proposed should allow you to this almost as quick and a lot
more convenient than it is now. We might even allow a shortcut for
temporary reassigments that doesn't popup any dialog unless your new
shortcut collides with an already assigned one.

All I'm saying is that the current implementation is severily broken
and that this needs to be addressed. Fortunately the whole menu mess
has been deprecated for gtk+-2.4 and was replaced by a much nicer
system. Let's see what we can make out of this for GIMP-2.2.

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