Thomas Spuhler wrote:

It compiled here using the configure, make, make install after
installing some libraries.
Would be nice if I could make rpm's, but I guess the package is not set
up that way.

There is a gimp.spec file in CVS, and in the tarball, and there are GIMP RPMs pre-built by drc.

It looks really nice and has very nice new features. However, I cannot
find CMYK mode. I read a review and it was told that this has now been

That would be inaccurate... you can save as CMYK TIFF, but the transforms are really quite simple. There is no native CMYK editting mode.

This is a requirement in order to open files that have been produced on
Photoshop full Edition by our ad agency.
Am I missing something?

Afraid not.


Dave Neary

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