On Tuesday 13 January 2004 05:47 am, Sven Neumann wrote:
> Hi,
> "Fabio S." <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > It seems that compiling a brand new gimp is no simple matter at
> > all: following all dependencies is really a hard matter!
> Almost all distributions that I know of have all the GIMP
> dependencies nicely packaged. Since GNOME2 has basically the same
> dependencies as GIMP2, gimp2 installs out of the box on a lot of
> computers.
> If you have problems to follow the dependencies (shouldn't your
> package manager do this for you?)  I suggest you read the file
> INSTALL where we try to give you the necessary hints.
> > Would it be possible to provide, together with the sources, also a
> > static rpm (or tar.gz, if you prefer), which could install
> > everywhere?  I guess that it would be quite big, but maybe one can
> > add a warning "This is a static version: it is BAD. Use it only if
> > you can't manage otherwise!"
> Feel free to build such a static version. We, the GIMP developers, do
> not provide any binary versions whatsoever. We lack the time and the
> resources to build and maintain them.
> Sven
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Let me step in and add to Sven's explanations.  Fabio, even if a static 
version existed, it would still not work with your older system.  If 
you have managed to keep 9.0 as it was installed, without updating 
components, you would still not be able to run this nice new GTK+ 
program called The Gimp!  At some point in any program's life, it has 
to move on, get away from the old for the betterment of the program.  
As a user of Linux, you should understand that better than user's of 
other OS's!  You don't have to update, you can run what you have for 
years, that's the beauty of Linux, but if having newer & better is a 
thing you prefer, then you need a newer & better base to use it.

As Sven said, most all new distros are equipped to compile Gimp 2.x and 
if you want to see it run, either view it on someone else's computer or 
update yours to handle the compile, simple as that.  No insult 
intended, just pointing out a fact.

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