"Fabio S." <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> It seems that compiling a brand new gimp is no simple matter at all:
> following all dependencies is really a hard matter!

Almost all distributions that I know of have all the GIMP dependencies
nicely packaged. Since GNOME2 has basically the same dependencies as
GIMP2, gimp2 installs out of the box on a lot of computers.

If you have problems to follow the dependencies (shouldn't your
package manager do this for you?)  I suggest you read the file
INSTALL where we try to give you the necessary hints.

> Would it be possible to provide, together with the sources, also a
> static rpm (or tar.gz, if you prefer), which could install
> everywhere?  I guess that it would be quite big, but maybe one can
> add a warning "This is a static version: it is BAD. Use it only if
> you can't manage otherwise!"

Feel free to build such a static version. We, the GIMP developers, do
not provide any binary versions whatsoever. We lack the time and the
resources to build and maintain them.

> But, for example, take my case: I have a mandrake 9.0. On it, I
> succeeded to compile gimp 1.2.5. I also tried to compile 1.3.x, but
> dependencies errors where so many that to correct them I needed to
> deeply change my system: it would have been faster to upgrade the 
> distribution. I did nothing.

Sure. GIMP2 is a new version. It builds on new versions of the
underlying libraries. We couldn't have improved GIMP without the
improvements done in GTK2 etc. Fortunately you can install gimp-1.2
and gimp-2.0 and all its dependencies side by side so it's very
unlikely that an update to gimp-2.0 will break any software that used
to work before. You don't really need to change your system to update
to gimp-2.0. You only need to add a couple of additional packages.
If you are not willing to go this way, then you should probably wait a
few weeks until packages for your distribution show up. If your
distribution is hopelessly outdated you will have to face the fact
that you will need to upgrade it or stick to the old software.

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