Well, I think I am going the hard way and compile. The prebuilt rpm's
don't install because of incorrect dependencies.
Trying to build rpms, is getting me further now but I'll get:

[EMAIL PROTECTED] Gimp2]# rpmbuild -tb gimp-2.0pre1.tar.bz2
error: Failed build dependencies:
        gimp-print-devel >= 4.2.0 is needed by gimp-2.0pre1-1
        gtkhtml2-devel >= 2.0.0 is needed by gimp-2.0pre1-1

MDK does not provide gtkhtml2-devel, but does 

gimp-print-develop is not provided.
I have libgimpprint1-develop-4.2.5-30mdk installed

"equivalent" packages from Redhat do collide with the libraries from


On Mon, 2004-01-12 at 09:19, Dave Neary wrote:
> Hi,
> Thomas Spuhler wrote:
> > It compiled here using the configure, make, make install after
> > installing some libraries.
> > Would be nice if I could make rpm's, but I guess the package is not set
> > up that way.
> There is a gimp.spec file in CVS, and in the tarball, and there are GIMP 
> RPMs pre-built by drc.
> > It looks really nice and has very nice new features. However, I cannot
> > find CMYK mode. I read a review and it was told that this has now been
> > implemented. 
> That would be inaccurate... you can save as CMYK TIFF, but the 
> transforms are really quite simple. There is no native CMYK editting mode.
> > This is a requirement in order to open files that have been produced on
> > Photoshop full Edition by our ad agency.
> > Am I missing something?
> Afraid not.
> Cheers,
> Dave.

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