> > > These are two different libraries with incompatible APIs. Actually
> > > gtkhtml2 is a rewrite while gtkhtml3 is a newer version gtkhtml1.
> > > You will need gtkhtml2 for the GIMP help browser plug-in.
> >
> > Wouldn't the 
> > libgtkhtml2_0-2.4.0-1mdk
> > libgtkhtml2_0-devel-2.4.0-1mdk
> > suffice?
> Isn't that what I said? I am sorry I don't know about the package
> names of Mandrake or RedHat or whatever distribution. I can only tell
> you what software you need. The translation to package names is up to
> you.

It makes some time that I have a question and I couldn't find an answer 
anywhere. Forgive me if it seems stupid/faq/naif or whatelse.

It seems that compiling a brand new gimp is no simple matter at all: 
following all dependencies is really a hard matter! 
Would it be possible to provide, together with the sources, also a static 
rpm (or tar.gz, if you prefer), which could install everywhere?
I guess that it would be quite big, but maybe one can add a warning 
"This is a static version: it is BAD. Use it only if you can't manage 

But, for example, take my case: I have a mandrake 9.0. On it, I
succeeded to compile gimp 1.2.5. I also tried to compile 1.3.x, but
dependencies errors where so many that to correct them I needed to
deeply change my system: it would have been faster to upgrade the 
distribution. I did nothing.
I guess the same will be with gimp 2.0.
Now, I am completely happy with my system: am I forced to upgrade
distribution just to be able to use gimp 2.0? This would really upset
me. Note that the point is not that I am scared at upgrading the system: 
my first distro was RH 4.x and since I used at least one of any major
release. The point is simply that for some month I will have no spare
time for doing this... :-(((

Finally, let me just point out that what I am proposing is just what is
being done for mozilla: I couldn't compile 1.5 it neither, yet they
provide a binary version which installed painless on my system and works 

Best regards


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