On Tue, Feb 08, 2005 at 08:03:30PM -0800, Carol Spears wrote:
> by a group that was supposed to be all for freedom (it was anti-music or
> anti-copyright, iirc).  shame on these people for this.  it is like that
anti-music industry is what i meant.

music industry is an oxymoron also.

i spent some time thinking about this email before it came back with
that serious flaw in it.

i didn't like DOS from the very beginning so long ago.  i got locked out
of all sorts of job opportunities and who knows whatelse because i knew
that computers could and should run better than that.

then i get involved with this gnu/linux stuff because of this
overwhelming feeling that information should be free and available for
everyone that i have.

a few years later, you start to see things out of the "corner of your
eye" that makes you think that you fight for a system that keeps
information from you.

i do know that it is not very much like the American Way i was taught to
constantly ensure that only a couple of companies dictate how a whole
country is run.  this is what i was trying to do when i started to use
and advocate gimp.  in a country where there is supposed to be fair
competetion between companies, it is wrong that one company dictate how
one whole industry works.  Microsoft and Adobe are about as much a
dictatorship as any i have read about, when looking for an evil dictator
to bring down, i guess they should look at home first.

sorry to get all political; since i did, is there any word from the
Ximian people you work with whether or not there will be a configurable
file selector in the near future?  very near would be really nice and
once again, i could dictate how linux works for me and not be dictated
by how macintosh thinks i should work ....


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