Olivier Ripoll wrote:

You can specify inthe preferences that the toolbox must be "on top". This way, you always have it available...

Try as I might, I cannot find this option!

Not everyone is using the menubar (it is optional, see the prefences): I do not. I find it unpractical since I very often use Gimp to work on small images. I think long time gimp users might also use preferentially the right-click menu to the menubar: It allows a faster/more straightforward access to the functionality. To summarise my personal opinion: The right click menu is one of the best things introduced by Gimp.

But even with the menubar switched off it can still be accessed by clicking the right-facing arrow in the top left corner of the screen, so you don't *need* the right-click. I'm not saying that it shouldn't continue to be accessible by right-clicking. It could always be a preference option, or a Shift+click option.

Compared to the way I use Gimp (toolbox never obstructed by image windows), I found that your way to access the tool options is demanding more click (1 click) that the present way (0 click).

I'm not talking about reproducing the toolkit in the main gimp window, I'm talking about a separate toolbox that includes basic options (preferably not found in the toolkit) in order to make the GIMP faster and (crucially) more intuitive. Stroke selection is an obvious example here. Currently the only way I know to do this is from the Edit menu. Having this available on right click would be nice.

As a general rule of thumb, users expect to be able to extend the use of a tool/app/whatever on right-click anyway. This is simply a continuation of that process. I don't really see why it should cause problems for more experienced users who would easily be able to turn the option off if they didn't like it, but I think it might help newbies and less experienced users. I also think it's a more logical use of the right mouse-button.

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