I can only speculate at how many times this has
probably been brought up in the past... but I'll talk
about it anyway.

I have a tablet that I like to use when I create
digital images.  And, these days, I am starting to
work almost exclusively in GIMP.  I think that it
would be very handy if there was a key you could hold
down that would allow the user to scroll the picture
in any direction while moving the mouse.  I realize
that this is totally capable with the middle mouse
button, but not every tablet allows you to configure
settings like that.  Currently, if I'm using my tablet
in GIMP and I want to scroll to another area of the
picture, I have to put down the tablet and use the
mouse button, or use the scrollbars, which isn't very
efficient.  In Photoshop (I know I probably shouldn't
compare the two) this is accomplished by holding down
the spacebar.  I'm not saying GIMP should ditch the
current use of the spacebar, but I, personally, would
like to put forward my interest in having a key on the
keyboard that does the exact same function.

Is there anyone else who would even be remotely
interested in having this implemented in some way?

-T. Curry

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