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> Subject: [Gimp-user] Making GIMP a little more tablet friendly, maybe?
> I can only speculate at how many times this has
> probably been brought up in the past... but I'll talk
> about it anyway.
> I have a tablet that I like to use when I create
> digital images.  And, these days, I am starting to
> work almost exclusively in GIMP.  I think that it
> would be very handy if there was a key you could hold
> down that would allow the user to scroll the picture
> in any direction while moving the mouse.  I realize
> that this is totally capable with the middle mouse
> button, but not every tablet allows you to configure
> settings like that.  Currently, if I'm using my tablet
> in GIMP and I want to scroll to another area of the
> picture, I have to put down the tablet and use the
> mouse button, or use the scrollbars, which isn't very
> efficient.  In Photoshop (I know I probably shouldn't
> compare the two) this is accomplished by holding down
> the spacebar.  I'm not saying GIMP should ditch the
> current use of the spacebar, but I, personally, would
> like to put forward my interest in having a key on the
> keyboard that does the exact same function.

This change was suggested a while back, on the developer list I think.
If I recall correctly it was implemented and is included in the latest CVS
version of the GNU Image Manipulation program but now that I look at the
mailing list archives I may be mistaken:

It was good of you to make the effort to explain the problem you were
really trying to solve and then suggesting a possible solution (it doesn't
hurt that Photoshop does it that way either).

- Alan H.
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