On Fri, Dec 09, 2005 at 04:16:03PM -0500, Patrick Shanahan wrote:
> * Carol Spears <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [12-08-05 23:29]:   
> > i have been alive for several decades and have other experiences that
> > make me question the title "professional" in things and when describing
> > people.  and not all experiences with the title have been bad either.
> > it really simply seems to be independent of the word, whether the
> > software or the person is such.
> "Professional" merely distinguished the distro with two exellent paper
> manuals and a dvd or two containing the distro and source code.  There
> was a lesser matching distro with no dvd's and only one manual, called
> an upgrade, iirc.
well, while we await for the recap of the problem you asked for from the
SuSe users who cannot build gimp-perl, i find this thread to be
interesting and cannot help but continueing with it.

i think the word "Professional" is being used the right way here.  I
have no problems with that.  "Enabled Professional" though, might be not
applicable since those documents failed and they are here asking for
help from undefined volunteers.  i like build problems though, it is
extremely interesting.

you asked for a recap of build problems.  i do not actually have any
problems building things myself -- not really.  i am very picky and have
been pounding this one very fine point about the way my distribution, my
build tools and my pet project work together.  i build with gnu build
tools on linux.  i am using my own build of the kernel and my
distribution is debian sid (where there are few promises and i know
that).  my pet project is everything from glib through gimp.  because of
the problem i had with this one fine point, i had to start building my
window manager as well.  here is the one problem:
http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=322885 and the fact that three
different developers from three different development communities are
there looking at it speaks very well of all of the software i am using.

i am not a "Professional" and loathe to give myself this name.  in fact,
recently i have received personal email in which people asked me to
define what it is that i do for gimp.  my problems with defining my role
have to do with the fact that as soon as i do this, i can probably be
replaced by someone with "qualifications".

also, the way i ran around pestering the people in debian and libtool
and glib/pango/gtk+ was anything but professional.

btw, being able to build gimp-perl has nothing to do with this bug
report.  i was able to use debian software and build gimp and gimp-perl
for a very very long while now.  one might call it "professionally
enabled" that way.  however, as i said, it is not like all three of
these development communities do not have issues and problems you can
easily show.

i am so impressed with the bug report and the participants.  i am
curious however if it really is a problem or if one or all of them there
know what needs to be done to fix it.

it really made for some great mail though.  i got this url from the gnu
he was consoling me when i was being hurt because the gtk+ developers
were complaining about the way my patch also made the file more
readible.  without actually being a part of the debian community, i
wonder how many of their problems are like this.

Maybe Novell could consider rehiring some of their linux staff and
coming up with a distribution entitled "Professionally Enabled".  i
dunno, it has a certain flair and appeal to it, you think?


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