* Carol Spears <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [12-09-05 17:05]:
> Maybe Novell could consider rehiring some of their linux staff and
> coming up with a distribution entitled "Professionally Enabled".  i
> dunno, it has a certain flair and appeal to it, you think?

Couple of points.  The "Professional" tag was (in my mind) only a name
intended to demonstrate more features or completeness or superiority to
the other product.  I agree with the appeal, but the tag no longer exists
since the change in SUSE's approach.  End users are now having input and
access to beta builds and testing.

You keep referring to 'rehiring .. linux staff'.  I beleive what I
read indicated that it was not the linux staff (SUSE) that was let go,
but other divisions.

The version of SUSE that I am using (9.0) is four versions old and may
not be representative of the current situation, although the
directory/file structure should be very close (Linux Standards Base).
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