On Sunday 11 December 2005 05:25, Manish Singh wrote:
> I put thought into it. As I pointed out in my other mail, it seems
> like you're the one who didn't think things through before sending
> out emails.
> A gimp-devel package *must* have a dependency that either directly or
> indirectly pulls in glib-devel. If it doesn't, the package's
> dependency specification is broken.
> SuSE has a history of being shoddy in this regard, other examples
> that have affected gimp are glib-devel not requiring pkg-config,
> aalib being linked against slang but not requiring slang-devel, and a
> few more I can't recall off the top of my head right now.
> Please next time actually read and comprehend what's going on in the
> thread instead of sending out poorly researched knee-jerk defenses of
> your pet Linux distro.
> -Yosh
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I'm convinced you like whatever distro you're using as I do mine, but 
I'm also very sure you haven't done much research into what you are 
commenting about.

Now there's no need for us to get into a distro war of words here, as 
that is not why the list is here.  We are trying to solve problems 
folks are having with Gimp not run down a particular distro we don't 
use or like.  Well I am, but your responses take on a different tone.  
You can't assume from a past experience or hearsay that what you say is 
true now about SuSE.  Those of us that use it know how well it operates 
directly.  Now let's move on to talking Gimp.


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