Roland Hordos wrote:
For most people on this planet, GIMP doesn't have any special
meaning. ..
Thank you, I'll correct my original comment.  Change that to say:

"While all other credible opensource projects are gaining ground in a
professional IT setting, the GIMP is being held back in the English
speaking world because of the instant derogatory impact of the name.
Gimp is a term in common culture that refers to a disabled person in a
demeaning way."

I've been using gimp for a long while now, right here in the english speaking USA, and I've not once heard anyone comment regarding the name and associating it with the word 'gimp.'

I've also not heard anyone use the term gimp in the way you indicate in a very long time. And I don't believe that's because people are more politically correct these days. I think it's a term that just isn't used in this way any longer.

I think you're blowing this way out of proportion.

Until later, Geoffrey

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