* Geoffrey <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [09-29-06 15:12]:
> Roland Hordos wrote:
> >"While all other credible opensource projects are gaining ground in
> >a professional IT setting, the GIMP is being held back in the
> >English speaking world because of the instant derogatory impact of
> >the name. Gimp is a term in common culture that refers to a disabled
> >person in a demeaning way."
> I've been using gimp for a long while now, right here in the english 
> speaking USA, and I've not once heard anyone comment regarding the name 
> and associating it with the word 'gimp.'
> I've also not heard anyone use the term gimp in the way you indicate in 
> a very long time.   And I don't believe that's because people are more 
> politically correct these days.  I think it's a term that just isn't 
> used in this way any longer.
> I think you're blowing this way out of proportion.

I agree.  At any rate, a simple explanation that "GIMP" is an acronym
rather than term which may or may not be received as a derogatory
adjective should suffice.  If it doesn't, the audience is already
biased to the point of waisted effort.
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