Here is my own modest grain of salt in the discussion:

I have been teaching Gimp to first-year university students for more
than six years, to one or two hundreds students every year. I have
never encountered any specific criticism among them about Gimp's GUI.
More, I cannot understand what seems to be so fundamentally bad or wrong
in that GUI. The remarks I read are not specific at all, and generally
seem to boil down to one single reproach: Gimp is not Photoshop. I think
that Gimp developers should not spend any time discussing this.

Somebody in this list said that teachers have the duty to teach what is
an industry standard. My own strong opinion is that one of my duties as
a university teacher is to try changing the industry standards, if I
think they are inappropriate. If my students need later to learn using
Photoshop or Vista, they will be able to learn them quickly and easily,
and with an acutely critical mind (hopefully). For the present, I prefer
to teach them Gimp and GNU/Linux, and to teach them not to accept any
so-called standard without discussion and thought.


                        Olivier Lecarme
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