On Sun, 2006-12-17 at 14:23 +0100, Olivier Lecarme wrote:
> Here is my own modest grain of salt in the discussion:

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> Somebody in this list said that teachers have the duty to teach what is
> an industry standard. My own strong opinion is that one of my duties as
> a university teacher is to try changing the industry standards, if I
> think they are inappropriate. If my students need later to learn using
> Photoshop or Vista, they will be able to learn them quickly and easily,
> and with an acutely critical mind (hopefully). For the present, I prefer
> to teach them Gimp and GNU/Linux, and to teach them not to accept any
> so-called standard without discussion and thought.

Surely, it is most important to teach students the principals involved
in a subject so that, at a later stage, they are better informed when it
comes to choosing in which direction to proceed. It is the
responsibility of Industry, not universities, to provide the training
needed for its employees to do the jobs required of them. The new
graduate should be able to bring fresh ideas to the world of work not
perpetuate the status quo and, thereby, help to ensure that we all
benefit from progress and change. I could go on but this is probably not
the place to do so.


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