Brendan wrote:
> On Friday 22 December 2006 02:44, jim wrote:
>> Eric P wrote:
>>> I'm lazy, and I don't feel like reading this entire thread (it seems to
>>> show up on a regular basis on the list).
>>> Were any new, constructive insights brought up?  Anyone care to summarize
>>> this thread on this exhausting topic?
>> Summary to date: Noobs keep joining the list and want the name changed
>> to match their sensibilities.  They threaten to continue to add to the
>> noise part of the signal to noise ratio until they get their way (see
>> "kill file").  I suggest a new list dedicated to their traffic;
>> gimp-name-haters@, thereby relieving the rest of the users and devo's
>> from actually having to slog through their repeated attempts at
>> "reasoning".
> It's good to see that this happens SO OFTEN that cutesy little paragraphs can 
> be written about how a few people know so much better than the "Noobs". God, 
> what condescension and arrogance.

If by "condescension and arrogance" you mean no longer wanting to have
to slog through the same repeated arguments made by people who feel that
the name of an app seems to need more discussion than how the app works,
well then yes.  It's GPL'ed.  If you don't like it, fork it and call it
whatever you're little heart desires.  You won't because it's been
suggested before, and naught has happened (that's been announced anyway).

Geez, go out and buy yourself a sense of humor for the holidays.

btw, thanks for the new kill file entry

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