On Fri, Dec 22, 2006 at 12:25:35AM -0600, Eric P wrote:
> I'm lazy, and I don't feel like reading this entire thread (it seems to show 
> up on a regular basis on the list).
> Were any new, constructive insights brought up?  Anyone care to summarize 
> this thread on this exhausting topic?

Other than the idea of putting a webpage up detailing why a name change
is not viable, and such proposals are not welcome on this list,
none whatsoever.

As usual, this thread is started and mainly populated by people who
don't actually contribute to the project, probably because they don't
have anything to speak of in the talent or brains department,
and thus have to feel better about themselves by whining about
*something*. These people have of course not read prior threads, or
perhaps choose to ignore them, since several good reasons *not* to
change the name in prior discussions are left unrefuted.

Along with the webpage about why a name change isn't a good idea, it's
tempting to put a list of names of people who have started and dragged
on this sort of thread, with an explanation of how these people:

a) make snap judgements on software based on name, not on merit
b) think one or two anecdotes constitutes real research
c) are completely clueless about marketing, since they can't recognize
   the power of a well established brand
d) thusly, should never be taken seriously, let alone hired for

GIMP has pretty good google ranking, so the page should be ranked highly
for said people's names.

Pointing out idiots publicly is kind of mean though, so perhaps not.

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