On Thursday 12 July 2007, Raphaël Quinet wrote:
> You will also find many little things that have been improved
> to guide the user along the way, such as tooltips for all menu
> items (quick description of what each filter does) or status
> bar messages that help you to remember how to use each tool
> and what to do with Ctrl/Alt/Shift.

Yah, I think improvements which make a gazillion little
improvements "across the board" are both very difficult to
usefully describe beyond "it's better" and and very important.

This makes the announcements tend to either be overwhelming,
confusing prose or uninformitavely brief. Let's have a go,
and see if I can cover everything in one short par, but still
be informative:

    Extensive improvements to User Interface factors,
    such as improved shortcuts, plus informative status
    messages & tooltips to let the user know what is
    actually happening at any instant.

Cheers; Leon

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