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> On Monday 09 July 2007, Raphaël Quinet wrote:

> > Now I hope that we can get back to discussing GIMP on
> > this list... 
> Ah, yes.
> One overlay I'd like to see appear is *not* a PS clone, it's
> an overlay that makes GIMP instantly useful to newbies, so
> runs things in modes and fashions they expect.

So what would those be?

I mean, I've used various graphics programs before, but GIMP was the only such 
program which I've used since I actually started with digital painting. And for 
the most part, it was all fairly logical and consistent - the only thing I had 
problems with in the beginning was how to draw circles and rectangles (but I am 
better now).

Personally, I think the interface of GIMP works perfectly well. What's lacking 
is appropriate _documentation_ for what you can actually do with it - 
tutorials, to be specific.

And here GIMP is sadly far behind Photoshop and other commercial applications. 
It's one thing to tell a newbie: "This is the text tool, and here is how it is 
used." That's important, technical stuff he needs to know, but when making 
decisions about what software to use such dry descriptions won't make him 
_enthusiastic_. Now, on the other hand, if he finds a tutorial that says:

"Today we will show you how to make Giant Flaming Letters of Doom(TM) with 

- _then_ he will feel enthusiastic.

Last summer I started collecting all those hundreds of links to art tutorials 
which would eventually become the Art Tutorials Wiki links list. Since I was 
using GIMP at the time - and I still am - I tried to get GIMP tutorials first 
and foremost, but found few of them. On the other hand, there were plenty of 
first-grade tutorials for Photoshop, Painter, and other commercial programs out 
there. Many of them would make you go out and buy these programs - if you 
didn't know that you could create the same effects with GIMP with little effort.

So if we want to make GIMP more newbie-friendly, I think we should let the 
developers continue to develop the program by adding new functions instead of 
spending too much time emulating other programs. The rest of us who aren't as 
well versed in coding can try to create tutorials that will make others 
enthusiastic about GIMP.

I already have started to do that - I've started on a tutorial which attempts 
to explain how to draw fantasy maps with GIMP and Inkscape:


And I've gotten some enthusiastic feedback from various people interested in 
doing so. But that's just one possible topic - so pick your own and work on it!

- Jürgen Hubert

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