On Monday 09 July 2007, Sven Neumann wrote:
> I just tried to help you by pointing out that gimpshop is a
> different application and that you should try to get support
> for it from the people who did the fork. If you did that you
> might have found out that there is no such support. You might
> then reconsider your decision, but that is of course
> completely up to you.

Hi, Sven!

I appreciate the help you've given me at various times over the
years, and I suspect that an ideal route to follow at this point
might be to add a Wiki entry which carefully, politely explains
this in great detail.

Then future queries can be answered like this:

    GimpShop is a different product to GIMP. Read about
    the differences and support issues here:


I'd happily write up such a page but I know practically nothing
about the background of GimpShop, so I've just put a brief
stop-gap into the Wiki.

I've linked to GimpShop and PhotoShop (both on Wikipedia), so if
that's not the right thing to do, please erase the links.

Cheers; Leon

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