On Monday 09 July 2007, Raphaël Quinet wrote:
> I have updated this wiki page

Excellent! Thank you!

> I have also added a short description of some technical
> problems related to the fork (code conflicts, breaking
> translations) and again, this section can be expanded
> if anybody feels like writing more about it.

Yah, it's an area I have little expertise on. Good to see
some knowledge appearing here. (-:

> Now I hope that we can get back to discussing GIMP on
> this list... 

Ah, yes.

One overlay I'd like to see appear is *not* a PS clone, it's
an overlay that makes GIMP instantly useful to newbies, so
runs things in modes and fashions they expect.

This would have to be a separate project of sorts, with its own
lists and stuff else it would cause list flooding to pale
today's events into total insignificance.

I'd like to see it done in a sort of minimalist fashion,
modifying as little as possible to meet the expectations of
its anticipated user-base.

I'll probably get slandered for suggesting this, but... nothing
ventured, nothing pained (or something like that). How about
calling it "Wilbur" out & out, as a way of signifying a cute &
cuddly GIMP?

Cheers; Leon

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