David Southwell ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> IMHO it is time to let go of anger and act in a mature and
> constructive way.

Ok, lets just open up this list and make it a gimpshop list as well. And
a Photoshop list. And a Paintshop Pro list. And a Krita list.

They all offer something that gimp urgently needs, hence it can be
discussed here. The usefulness of this list would go towards zero, but
whatever. This obviously benefits the greater goal of giving gimp what
it apparently needs.


To make my point clear: Gimpshop has changed the user interface of the
gimp in a more-or-less drastical manner. Advice given for Gimpshop
cannot be applied to Gimp and vice versa. It is a different project, and
the developers of Gimpshop obviously have no interest in playing nice
with us Gimp developers.

Please discuss that stuff elsewhere. This is not the place since advice
given on Gimpshop will confuse Gimp users and vice versa.

Go, create a gimpshop mailinglist - it is not as if ressources for
mailinglists are hard to get on the net.


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