I've done some photography but usually I end up painting over it and
converting it to mixed media as I really prefer painting to photography.  I
think for users who are drawn to art and painting, GIMP may satisfy their
needs more easily.  The adage "pare it down" typically is a good one for all
artists to keep in mind and Photoshop can lead one in exactly the opposite
direction.  I know it is terribly easy for me to end up with mud after i
overdo it with all the plug-ins, styles, custom shapes and so forth that
i've amassed in the PS program.


On 10/1/07, jim feldman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>  Patrick Shanahan wrote:
> * Greg <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [10-01-07 13:29]
>  In any event, from what you've told me, GIMP may not be the right tool
> for me at this time.  I want to retain all my bits.  So until GIMP
> natively supports 12-bits or higher, I'm gonna have to stick to
> Photoshop for now.
>  Then you need to abandon the jpeg format as it is lossey (google for
> it) and you need to shoot RAW.
>  True for all DSLR's (I think), but some better P&S's also can produce
> TIFF's which uses a lossless compression (actually being pedantic) as sort
> of pseudo raw format.
> For me at least, the big reasons for PS CS over gimp are the following:
>  - The plugins.  For the pro/semi pro shooter, there are  just way too
> many very cool plugins for PS.  Everything from Noise-Ninja to lens
> distortion corrections to some very interesting portrait tools to virtual
> view camera adjustments (more than just perspective correction).
>  - Integration with the color "spiders" and CMS
>  - 8/24 vs 16/48 - This is at least on the horizon for GIMP
> In GIMP's defense, many (if not the vast majority) of digital
> photographers will have no need of these features.  Even if by some magic
> they were available, few would use them because of the cost or complexity.
> It's a good tool.  I use it a great deal myself, and I wouldn't hesitate to
> use it to teach an "into to digital darkroom" course.  The exception would
> be, for students who were on a professional photographer track.
> jim
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