Greg wrote:
> I appreciate all the info and discussion on this.  It's a lot more than
> I expected...and that's a good thing.
> I guess what I really want to know is, am I going to see any noticeable
> loss if image quality from my 12-bit images?
>From prints? no.  On your monitor?  maybe. You will notice it when you
try and correct for under or over exposure or gamma, and you'll notice
it more in the underexposed areas where sensor noise will be more
visible.  Much of this would be done in the UFRAW converter which DOES
use all the bits, so you can argue it's less of an impact.
> Also asked but not answered, are imaged displayed in their original
> bit-depth or as 8-bit?
Once the image is pulled into GIMP, it's 8/24 bit for processing and

Here's a reasonably quick experiment.

Gather a few images that represent your typical shooting

Download UFRAW and the GIMP (maybe not so quick depending on your
download speeds).  Pull your 12/36bit image into UFRAW and make whatever
exposure/balance tweaks needed and then have it hand it off to GIMP. 
Have both images up at the same time.  What do your eyes tell you?

I've posted this before, and in case you missed it, you really need to
do a bit of digital "darkroom" 101.  Go to and read
through his site. Really.
I'm not trying to be pedantic or condescending, but when you finish
going through his tutorial, you'll be asking questions that will get you
more targeted answers.  You might drop him a little paypal gelt when
you're done because people charge $500 for one day seminars to present
similar material.

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