* Greg <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [10-01-07 13:29]:
> I normally don't shoot in RAW because, from what I've read, it seems
> difficult to work with, but it also sounds interesting, too.  

no more so than any other graphic format...

> Also, I've read that not all RAW apps are created equal, that you can
> get different results from one to another.

aiui, *most*, not from the mfgr, are based on the same code which is
developed and provided by Dave Coffin's dcraw,

> In any event, from what you've told me, GIMP may not be the right tool
> for me at this time.  I want to retain all my bits.  So until GIMP
> natively supports 12-bits or higher, I'm gonna have to stick to
> Photoshop for now.

Then you need to abandon the jpeg format as it is lossey (google for
it) and you need to shoot RAW.

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