On Wednesday 26 September 2007, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> Certainly the GIMP developers could have kludged the code to
> incorporate 16-bit or higher bit-depths; and it would not have taken
> nearly as long to do so. But the solution would be only temporary --
> the ultimate necessity to have a separate library would still exist --
> and would only apply to the GIMP project.

Yikes, you had a good argument until this bit...
Yes, what you say is true, but with 16-bit color, all of those professional 
graphics houses would have been eyeing Gimp for the last 6 years, instead of 
shunning it. They don't care about what code is maintainable. From an 
engineering standpoint, doing what the devels did was "right", but holding it 
up as the only choice that could have benefitted people is not accurate.
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