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> On Thursday 20 December 2007 10:26:12 am Thomas Worthington
> wrote:
>> Moving a selected region is a very common action and
>> now seems impossible under normal Linux user interfaces. I can
>> see the application of "capricious" to that situation. What
>> was the benefit of changing the default drag action?
> Actually, moving a selection in Gimp 2.4 is easier than it was in
> 2.2. Simply left click within the selected region and drag... no
> modifier keys needed and no need to grab the edge of the
> selection when doing so. I just did this in 2.4.1 in KDE 3.5.8
> on Kubuntu 7.10. The new selection tool features are much easier
> to use if you haven't already been trained to use the old
> methods from previous releases.

You are describing what 2.2 does for me. 2.4 simply dragged the selected  
region, NOT its contents.

> Seems to me that with the new way of moving a selection in 2.4
> that modifying a system-wide setting (Alt+Left-Click to move a
> window in KDE) is no longer necessary. That is a good thing. But
> if you want to go back to 2.2 and deal with its more familiar,
> but also less compatible, way of working, I understand... I
> guess... I think... maybe not.

Well, all I can say is that 2.4 did not do what you describe for me  

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