On Thursday 20 December 2007 11:30:40 am Daniel Hornung wrote:

> > Actually, moving a selection in Gimp 2.4 is easier than it
> > was in 2.2. Simply left click within the selected region and
> > drag... no modifier keys needed and no need to grab the edge
> > of the selection when doing so. I just did this in 2.4.1 in
> > KDE 3.5.8 on Kubuntu 7.10. The new selection tool features
> > are much easier to use if you haven't already been trained
> > to use the old methods from previous releases.
> Are we talking about the same thing?  This thread's issue is
> (or so it seems to me) about moving the _content_ of a
> selection, as described in
> http://docs.gimp.org/en/gimp-using-selections.html#gimp-using-
> Yes, to simply move the border, you can also use the move tool
> in selection mode, without needing any modifer key.

Actually, the documentation you cite states: "If you only want to 
move the selection border and not its contents, then press the 
Alt key and click-and-drag the selection."

That is the old behavior from 2.2 and required changing the 
behavior of the same key combination in Window environments such 
as KDE. The new behavior does not require this. In fact, trying 
to use the old behavior in the new version does not work. This 
is the issue the op is having: "I can't drag selections anymore 
because it requires Alt and mouse at the same  
time, which is a problem on Linux." He just needs to leave Alt 
alone and drag the selection (not its contents) by clicking in 
within the borders of the selection.
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