> I wrote:

> Am I misunderstanding something about how the dialog and the drag
> function work?

John Coppens <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>Put the cursor farther from the image centre todo the rotation, and you'll
>be able to do smaller rotation increments. You can even activate rotation
>inside the image, then take it outside (without releasing the button) to
>have better control. Think that mouse movements are always integer
>pixels... (Same as the slider movement in previous question).


I did discover that the drag rotation amount was proportional to the
distance from the center of rotation.  However, what stumps me is why,
after applying a numeric angle of rotation using the dialog, the rotation
changes (jumps) drastically if you try to further refine it using the
mouse.  It seems logical to me that you should still be able to grab the
image and give it a further small tweak with the mouse.

Jeffery Small

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