On Thu, 2008-01-03 at 13:00 +0000, Jeffery Small wrote:

> Also, a small suggestion to the development team.  If you have a value
> such as 11.20 in a field and I place the cursor between the 2 and the 0
> and then try to enter another digit like 8 for a value of 11.281, nothing
> happens because the display is fixed to two decimal places.  I think it
> would be an improvement in the user interface if we could edit these fields
> without restriction.  If gimp then wants to evaluate the number and round
> and redisplay it as two digits, this would be OK.  But the failure to be
> able to place the cursor and edit these numeric fields is really unexpected
> and very confusing until you figure out what is happening.

Please inform the GTK+ developers about this. GIMP only uses the
GtkSpinButton widget and the logic for limiting the number of digits is
implemented there. You may want to check in bugzilla.gnome.org, product
GTK+, if there's a bug report for this already.


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