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>Ah, now I see what you are doing differently. You guys are activating
>the tool from the Layer->Transform->Arbitrary Rotation menu. I haven't
>done this in years. Indeed, there seems to be a bug in the Rotate tool
>when it is being called from the menus. You may want to make sure that
>this is reported at


What are you doing for rotation?  I select the rotation tool from the
toolbox and as soon as I click in the image the Rotate dialog is displayed.
This is the same menu you get if you select Layer->Transform->Arbitrary
Rotation.  You don't need to call this from the menu to get the behavior
I have been reporting.  Once the menu is displayed, it shows the angle of
rotation achieved by dragging the mouse.  You can drag the mouse as many
times as you like, making incremental changes to the rotation angle, before
committing the rotation.  I think you should be able to interactively
switch between typing in the angle or dragging the rotation until you have
the results tweaked to your liking, and I think you are agreeing with that
in your statement above.  I'll report this as a bug.

C. Jeffery Small

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